As an author, the owner of my own

   author website and an avid book
   reader, I frequently read articles that
   provide tips for authors or
   webmasters and are sent to me by
   email. I also try to keep up with
   the latest exciting book events. As I
   get a lot out of this, I think it’s only
   fair for me to pay it forward to you.
   By coming back here often, you can
   become a more successful author or a
   more enriched reader through
   getting the latest scoop for authors
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  New tip for authors
  • The importance of enhancing your
  image SEO is something big I just
  learned about through AIOSEO, the
  team who runs the WordPress
  AIOSEO plugin, a plugin that helps
  you enhance your search engine
  optimization efforts for your Word
  Press website. Having read their
  article titled “Image SEO: How to
  Best Optimize Images In WordPress”,
  I have taken advantage of their user
  tools to create a relevant image that
  should encourage Google to send
  more targeted traffic my way – I chose
  an image featuring a lady holding a
  stack of self-enrichment books to
  reflect my website theme of you the
  reader coming to be enriched through
  my self-help and fiction works.
 • On another note, I have recently
 learned that a low rate of return visitors
 is bad, especially because return visitors
 are up to 75 % more likely to make a
 purchase than first-time visitors – strive
 for 30 to 50 percent of your traffic to
 come from return visitors. Imagine how
 many more books you can sell once you
 pull this off.