As an author, it’s crucial to promote your books and gain massive exposure for them. It’s likely you have promoted your books on social media, social media authors groups and book promotion websites. It’s a good idea to do this but you probably won’t stay on the radar long by solely using these methods. Here are reasons why:

• If you link to your writings on posts you publish on social media sites such as Facebook, your post will likely only remain highly visible to the public for a few days and your friends aren’t likely to climb through your wall looking for your posts.

• If you list your publications on Facebook authors groups, your place on the pages will naturally drop each day. On top of that, you’ll face oodles of competition if you link to your books on other members’ posts seeking books others have written – if there are dozens of comments, the chances are very high your link won’t be seen or given much attention.

• Some book promotion websites may decide to not feature your book at all. Others that do may only keep your works visible for a limited time.

I’m giving you a golden opportunity to feature your books here and continually maintain high exposure. As long as you use this space to link to your books and remain civil in the comments, your promotions will remain published here – I won’t accept posts not pertaining to books. The more participation I get, the more I grow, and the more exposure we will all attain for our works. It’s the goal to promote your books and gain massive exposure for them.

Please post the title of your book and the link to it in the comments field below. You may promote as many of your books as you want. Who knows? I might buy your book(s) then write a review that multiplies the value of my purchase. I’m a strong believer in writing reviews for the books I buy or download for free. Please be aware that if you don’t post your content in English and I’m unable to translate it, I won’t be able to approve your post.


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