Want to know why you need an author website

if you write books? You need it to have one of

the most potent book marketing tools at your

disposal – something you may have a hard time

advancing as an author without.

It can help your brand and your books attract

traffic from the search engines. If you have a

website that is written well, organized, easy to

read, easy to navigate and gives enough detail

about yourself and perhaps your books, this in

itself gives search engines the opportunity and a

legitimate reason to list you in their rankings.

Make sure to create strong keywords pertinent to

your site – I recommend using Word Press for

your site creation.

It holds everything in one spot for you. You can

put the images and titles of all your books plus the

links to them on one page. Peruse my published

books page to see how you can do this well.

It makes it so easy to pull in readers from multiple

angles. Link to your site through your social media

posts addressed to your friends and relatives. Link

to it through social media groups geared toward

authors. Link to it through any online professional

profiles you create. Link to it on book promotion sites.

Link to it in emails to friends each time you publish a

new book.

It enables you to create a personal connection with

readers. List your email address. Link to all your social

media account pages. Taking these steps helps readers

follow you and ask questions they may have.

Finally, it makes it easy to run a reader newsletter

subscription list which is the most powerful way to

connect to customers – they read their email every day,

more than they log into their social media accounts and

pay attention to online ads. Hook readers into giving you

their email address and signing up by offering a free

content magnet that may be hard to resist such as a free

book or a free chapter from one of the books you have

written. Issue newsletter communication for each book

you release and each time you welcome a new subscriber;

the key is to touch base enough without being a pest.

These are all the reasons you need your own site.