The following books will be written then published in the

coming months.

Hicks’s Spooky Tales 2: Final edition

This book will contain around 20 scary short stories and

will be released soon. My mind is made up to wrap up

writing books of scary tales, mainly so I’ll have more time

to devote the rest of my life to creating long books for the

spy series I have in mind.

Bagney and Stacey: Philadelphia’s Finest 2

This police drama should contain about 15 episodes.

Peoplanimalville Daily Laughs 4: Final Edition

This will be my last comic strips books mainly because I have too little time to devote to this and I want more time to work on my upcoming spy series – I’ve been working on this latest comic strip for over five years.

Undecided on title

A spy works with law enforcement agents to fight crime.

*Author’s note: I intend to make this my longest book yet

and have it picked up by a publishing house or movie