My day job consists of working full-time in the

warehousing industry. I earn money online from

surveys, books, online tasks and sales

promotions. I have written a few self-help books

which cover touch typing, job hunting, cooking,

travel and study tips; yet, I have written many

more fiction books and they keep coming as

though they were on a moving conveyor belt.


I began creating these works in January 2012, with

the goal of entertaining you greater than my desire

to earn money. I intend to produce fiction books the

rest of my life. The main reason I’ll likely never

experience writer’s block is I base some of what I

write on my dreams.


What separates me from many other authors is I

make reading my books pleasant to the eye with

double-spaced paragraphs and I never put

profanity or any other vulgar language in my

books – please keep this in mind if you want to give a

lesser-known author like myself a chance. I avoid

buying or reading so many books I find online or in

person because they contain vulgar language or are

written in single-spaced paragraph format.


I think it’s safe to assume you came to this page to

see how I can help you through my self-help or

fiction books. To take a look at them, click here.