I’m devoting the entirety of this post to

deciding whether to write a fiction book

you have on your mind for an important

reason – it’s easier to make sales and

generate sales for a nonfiction book

consistently than it is for a fiction book.

This is especially true if the nonfiction

book is a self-help book or another book

which is likely to appeal to a lot of people

in your niche market, people who are

likely to buy your book now.

Getting enough people to buy a fiction

book you write is a different animal.

Before you commence writing it, take

these critical measures to help ensure you

don’t waste your time writing,

proofreading, editing, publishing and

marketing it:

1) Spend at least a few minutes at your

computer pondering whether you can truly

make the book into a piece of work that

someone other than perhaps a dedicated

family member of yours will buy.

2) If you determine it’s worth it to pursue

the project, spend considerable time

coming up with a strong title for the book

and think about how you can begin the

book with an action scene likely to hook

people into buying your story.

3) Devise a solid book description you can

put into your “About the book” page and

the blurb section of Amazon or anywhere

else you choose to self-publish your work

or submit it to a literary agent or

publishing house for consideration.