There are many things you must do well to sell your books. Here are eight important components of hooking readers into buying your books.

Write quality content. Your content has to be free of typos and grammatical errors. Also, it must be well-structured and pleasant to read.

Ensure clarity. Make sure readers will understand what’s happening throughout your book. A great way to do this is to have a smooth transition between every scene, particularly if you’re writing a fiction story.

Proofread. After you finish writing the book, carefully read over everything you wrote or have someone else do it. When I proofread my works, I painstakingly look for errors, make sure I understand what I just read in each paragraph, make sure no paragraph is too long and make sure all paragraphs are double-spaced.

Edit. Correct each error you or someone else finds during the proofreading stage.

Have a good book cover. Your cover must look attractive. If you’re self-publishing your book and want to handle the cover yourself, please use Pixabay – they provide quality images you may use for personal or commercial use.

Write powerful blurb for fiction books. You can write well plus have a solid title and cover for your fiction book but it likely won’t do you any good unless you write a powerful blurb that is sure to prevent readers from bolting to the next book on sale. Strive to have at least four to five short but powerful paragraphs that are likely to build up enough intrigue; pay attention to the back covers of traditionally published books.

Keep in mind the probability of a preview for your book. Amazon provides a “look inside the book” preview feature for all books. If I see the book is full of long, single-spaced paragraphs or I become confused about what’s happening in the book while reading the preview, I won’t buy the book.

Promote your books rather than letting the market take care of everything for you. If you don’t promote or market, people can’t find your works.

You have learned key things to do as an author. Adhere to this advice to sell more books. To learn a lot more about having author success, click here.