Writing books is a lot of work. You put

a lot of time and effort into it. You

would surely hate it if nobody ever

bought your book. Writing a book is

hard enough; you don’t need the

frustration and the feeling you

wasted your time added on. So, I

have written this post to help you

make sure potential buyers can find

your book.

I have news for you; some people

make the mistake of posting the

image and title of their book on

social media but not making it

possible to actually find the book and

buy it. It irritates me to click on the

book image then not being able to find

the book and preview it before perhaps

buying it.

You may only get one chance to leave a

lasting impression with each potential

reader. Every time you post the title,

image and description of your book, be

sure to hyperlink the purchase link for

your book into the promotion page.

Finally, promote your books through

social media, Facebook writers groups,

book promotion websites, your own

author website and more. Not

promoting your books makes it too hard

for people to find them.